Ptolemies Tribes of Northern Britain

Claudius Ptolemy lived from about 100 AD to about 170 AD, and lived in the Roman province of Egypt, in the city of Alexandria.┬áHistorians use Ptolemy’s text to work out where the various tribes might be located – which is why you will see variations on a theme.

Scotland Ptolemy Tribes


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  1. Hi David. Thanks for the latest group of casts, I’ve loved all of them. We’re all hoping you keep finding it rewarding intellectually and financially for a long time. Best wishes, Kevin from Birmingham Alabama

    1. Thanks Kevin – and that’s a relief! I must say its been quite a different experience without the chronology driving me forward. Great tio have the freedom to pick topics though.

  2. Thank you for the new Scottish cast, especially the attention to how geography shaped its history!

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  3. I love this! Thank you so much for your efforts. Perfect match of presentation, writing, and topic. I’m now obsessed with Iron Age Britain and want to come over and do a really nerdy tour.

    I’m up to 1066 on the HOE and episode 2 of HOS. Next I hope you (or somebody) will do a History of Wales and a History of Ireland.

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