HoS 58 Revolution - Members Only

      The Scottish parliament of 1640 was genuinely revolutionary, re-defining the relationship between king and his subjects, creating effectively a new (unwritten) constitution and government – the Committee of Estates

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    Hamilton did his very best to head off protest from the Covenanters – and yet it was pretty clear from early in his return in June 1638 that the prospectsRead More

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    Last time I left you with the news that Charles I, in the spirit of flexibility and responsiveness to the needs of his Scottish subjects, had decided to charge aheadRead More

    HoS 57 A National Covenant - Members Only

    The national Covenant was an extraordinary mobilisation of public will in the face of widely feared religious changes. It drew on traditional forms – but the process was revolutionary TranscriptRead More

    HoS 56 Who Will Do Me Service - Members Only

    Charles I finally visited his kingdom in 1633 – 8 years after acceding the the throne, and his passage there was preceded by rumour and worry. The Coronation and parliament couldRead More

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    I thought this week we would have a bit of a wander around early 17th century Scotland, and introduce you to some characters and what they were doing before everythingRead More

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      We left the land of the mountains, lochs, islands and midges on the death of one of her more successful kings, James VI, also James I of England. Now,Read More

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    Right everyone, now that Mary is gone, we can move on emotionally and chronologically. Although I feel the need to take a step back to help us move forward, toRead More

    HoS 54 King of Britain - Members Only

    In 1603 James VI also became James I of England. for the rest of his reign he would be an absentee in Scotland, except one visit in 1617. Would theRead More