HoS 54 King of Britain - Members Only

    In 1603 James VI also became James I of England. for the rest of his reign he would be an absentee in Scotland, except one visit in 1617. Would theRead More

    HoS 51 Peace and Authority - Members Only

      John Thirlsstone came to power on the coattails of the Duke of Lennox; ‘a puddock-stoole’ he was described by horrified Magnates, who would distrust is lowly birth. He and JamesRead More

    HoS 49 The Trials of Mary - Members Only

      Mary’s arrival in England was like a political bomb going off. As accusations from the Confederate lords followed her over the border, Mary would have to fight for herRead More

    HoS 47 There and Back Again - Members Only

    In the face of Elizabethan dithering and, frankly, absurd demands about conditions on her marriage, Mary makes a fateful marriage choice. There will be consequences. Blood. Life.    

    HoS 45 Mary Through Time - Members Only

      The first of 5 podcasts on the life of Mary, Queen of Scots. Mary’s reputation through the centuries and how historians have viewed her, and her life until herRead More

    HoS 44 Reformation - Members Only

      Through the Reformation parliament of 1560 and over the following decades, the Reformed Kirk for the most part became part of the Scottish peoples’ pride and identity

    HoS 42 The Rough Wooing - Members Only

    In the 1540s the betrothal of Mary, daughter of James V and Mary of Guise, to the dauphin of France created a ‘Battle for Britain’, as the battle of religion alsoRead More