HoS 58 Revolution - Members Only

      The Scottish parliament of 1640 was genuinely revolutionary, re-defining the relationship between king and his subjects, creating effectively a new (unwritten) constitution and government – the Committee of Estates

    HoS 57 A National Covenant - Members Only

    The national Covenant was an extraordinary mobilisation of public will in the face of widely feared religious changes. It drew on traditional forms – but the process was revolutionary TranscriptRead More

    HoS 54 King of Britain - Members Only

    In 1603 James VI also became James I of England. for the rest of his reign he would be an absentee in Scotland, except one visit in 1617. Would theRead More

    HoS 52 National Building - Members Only

      The urge to build a stronger sense of nationhood was a common movement throughout Europe, extending the effectiveness of central governance, law and public finance. In banishing factionalism, James wasRead More

    HoS 51 Peace and Authority - Members Only

      John Thirlsstone came to power on the coattails of the Duke of Lennox; ‘a puddock-stoole’ he was described by horrified Magnates, who would distrust is lowly birth. He and JamesRead More

    HoS 50 The Cradle King - Members Only

    A picture of a young James VI – falcon already on arm as James’ love of hunting started early. James VI described himself as the Cradle King – and crowned atRead More

    HoS 49 The Trials of Mary - Members Only

      Mary’s arrival in England was like a political bomb going off. As accusations from the Confederate lords followed her over the border, Mary would have to fight for herRead More